Jayasim Jayakumar

Intrapreneur, Mobile Enthusiast, Self-Driving Car Engineering Student, Marathoner

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A full stack Tech manager and Architect who loves building products in Robotics and Mobile. I have been instrumental in creating highly scalable systems on all tech platforms - mobile, web and desktop. I'd love to combine my passion for AI with my software development skills to continue building futuristic products that will help humanity take the next big leap forward.


Career Resource Center

Software Development Manager - Amazon

2017 - Present

Senior Director of Engineering - Snapdeal

2015 - 2017

Engineering Manager - Housing

2015 - 2015

Engineering Manager - Myntra

2014 - 2015

Engineering Manager - Infoedge

99acres.com, jeevansathi.com 2013 - 2014

Tech Lead & Senior Software Engineer - Infoedge

2007 - 2013

Software Engineer - Checktronix

2005 - 2006


Self-driving Cars - Advanced Lane Finding, Behavioural Cloning, Traffic Sign Classifier, LaneLines
Machine Learning - Linear & Logistic Regression, Neural Networks, Support Vector Machines, Principal Component Analysis, Anomaly Detection

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Startups, Robotics & Deep Learning, Marathon, Tennis